How to Improve Productivity

Being productive is essential for feeling good about yourself and being efficient at home or work.   Getting things done well so one does not have to go back and make corrections is the best option.

Here are a few thoughts to help you improve productivity:

  • Be careful not to overextend yourself.  We all do it, we pack too many appointments or things to do in our day.  We rush and find even the best of things lose their enjoyment.  Better to have fewer things done well and having the extra time rather than rushing and enjoying nothing.
  • Recognize priorities.  What is really important?  Can the job, phone call, or visit be done on another day when time permits?
  • Focus on solutions and take the action necessary.  Today was one of those days when I needed to get to get to the bank.  It is a holiday on Monday and I needed to check on something.  The action of going there first thing this morning took that off my plate.
  • Don’t forget to eat.  LOL, we seldom forget that unless we are so consumed in a project or alone and find it not a pleasant event!   Eating regularly is important.
  • Sleeping can be hard for some of us when we have random thoughts racing around.  Good to get into sleeping regular hours if that is possible.  Also turning off blue light technology like computers and phones will help. Our eyes and our minds need a break!  A half hour of quiet before laying down can help us relax when we hit the pillow.
  • Drink water and fluids throughout the day.  Yes drinking fluids keeps up feeling our best.
  • Moderation goes a long way in achieving productivity.  Pacing ourselves and keeping balanced with fun and work is the best option.  Having said that, we all know that it is hard to keep a variety of food, activities, and friends scheduled.   Grab the moments of joy whenever you can and savor them.

Know what you like and appreciate you own insights.  We all find different patterns of comfort.  I like to escape from the office between 2 and 4.  A walk outdoors even to get the mail is needed for me.  Often I will go out to a Chapel or go for an iced tea.   It is a simple routine that recharges me.  Finding your own patterns and identifying them is a big help.  Taking the first step to enjoying life begins with feeling productive and worthwhile.   Soon you’ll be riding the escalator of success.  Have a great day!

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