Finding Clarity for Yourself

Finding clarity is an ongoing struggle for most people, because life is always evolving.  Even the smallest moments make the biggest mini miracles.

Linda shares about one way to see clearly evolves with changes.  She begins with a story about new glasses.Who do you want in your life?  What are you doing to make that a GREAT relationship.

What throws you into a state if confusion?  Is it when your schedule is compromised by other peoples agendas?   Is it doing something new?   Is it in completing projects?

I am always on a mission to find minor moments of joy.   And they appear when you look for them.  We need to see clearly and that is what this podcast is all about today.  Simplicity, clarity, and direction are so very important to us.  Look for templates, calendars, lists, and pictures to help you find solutions.

“Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.”

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