1. Stay engaged! Keeping involved in our communities and giving to others on a regular basis certainly helps.  Interacting with others can be just as entertaining as coaxing a baby to smile.   On an adult level we continually use non verbals, as well as,  words to communicate.  We need one another to keep the things that happen in our lives in perspective.   Everyone has problems and sadness that enters into their lives.   We don’t always want to let the world know we are sad, disappointed or embarrassed.   Having a Counselor available helps a lot just to be able to sort things out and figure out a path to take.   It is in hearing ourselves say things and having a competent ear around to listen to us.

2.  Try new things and help someone else.   It is the encounter of talking and reaching out to others that helps us see we have value.  Keeping involved and learning new things can be fun.   Take up an instrument, learn a new sport, join a new group, and enjoy!  Watch the happiest people and you will see how they thrive on being with others.  The happiest individuals seem to enjoy people, animals, events, and social contacts.  Walk into a pet store and hear the whistling birds!  or Take a walk outside and notice all the busy squirrels and movement around you that nature provides.   One of the neatest walks to work one day was seeing a hawk sitting on top of a light pole.   It was simple majestic and so confident as it searched for activity in the field below.

3.  This past weekend I began looking for the photo of a hotel in Poland.   I have loads of travel folders and photos I took there years ago.   I never found the photo I wanted, but I found myself smiling at the pictures. For the half hour of rustling through the albums I found it fun, but since then other good times have come around again.   Relish the past with memories, but don’t get stuck there.  Life brings opportunities for joy, but we must participate.  When you were the happiest?  What was happening and how did you respond?  The past gives us insight on how we can use to make each and every day. Staying in the present is good to keep renewed and hope filled.

Problems shared are divided: Joys shared are multiplied!

Feelings are not right or wrong, but the behaviors that we attached to them can lead us astray.  It is better to filter out all the sadness and grief and move forward.  Hanging with the right people or that loved pet can be so helpful.   Take the first step forward, it can put you on the escalator of success.

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