Glorious snow blesses the Midwest and offers opportunities for joy!  We do know however, that snow affects us all differently.   It all depends on one’s self talk and health status.  For some people it provides an opportunity for having fun and results in complete joy as shown here.  It is beautiful and miraculous as it transforms the empty branches with a coating of glistening white.  Snow angels start appearing as kids play in it.  Snow artists are developing magnificent creatures and snowmen!

For those who enjoy seasonal sports like ice skating, skiing, and snow boarding, this weather is a delight.

All this snow is wonderful!

For others snow is depressing and isolating.   Snow depression and Seasonal Affective Disorders referred to as SAD are real. Withdrawal from activities, depression, loneliness, fatigue and mood changes are real.  Especially for those with physical limitations.  People feel isolated and suddenly become hermits.  Our seasonal office helper here is demonstrating how weather can be limiting us.

This mischievous elf got caught sleeping on the job!

The shorter days offer less light and opportunities to stay connected so we need to consciously stay involved.  A few suggestions are:

  • Play board games or get out a deck of cards to stay mentally sharp.
  • Puzzles are favorite pass times and offer moments of time spent together.
  • Write notes for the holidays.
  • Make phone calls to those you need to connect with to hear their voices.
  • Exercise helps us stay vibrant and moving.   Stretch often and take a walk outside the front door just to feel the freshness.
  • This too shall pass, the weather is temporary!
  • Meditate or write out your calendar with birth dates and appointments for the coming year.
  • Let this time become moments to crochet, woodwork, write, and do crafts.  Perhaps time to mend and catch up on organizing.

For me, I need to clean up shelves and nick nacs,  washing crystal, and getting ready for the holidays.  The snow slows me down to get things done here at home.

When all is said and down, tuck yourself in as Rosy did last night.   Today she actually let me put her bright pink and gray snow cape on.  It keeps her dry, but allows me to see her in the deep snow.

Rosy curls up in a bed half her size for a nap.

Enjoy your day and Cyber Monday!   Take just one step forward and put yourself on the escalator of success!

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