Chasing Away Loneliness isn’t the easiest thing to do.   It is the smallest things in life that bring us great joy.   Welcome to Podcast 110 and the Fall Season.  Hopefully this weeks podcast will allow you to be aware of how all people suffer from this emotion more often than one thinks.   Now with Halloween behind us and all the fun building through the Fall season, how will you reach out to other people.  It will help you and others around you.

Halloween Fun allows us to connect with one another.

Conversations connect us to one another.  Linda shares how the conversation about dogs allowed a man installing shades to converse with her.   The simple things in life can make things so much better.

Enthusiasm is contagious and takes away our loneliness!

Linda talks about the Winter Olympics of 1994 and how much of it thrill it brought to her.   Dan Jensen was a success in reaching a gold medal.   She connects this memory with how people celebrate.  How do you connect ? Who do you talk with each day?   Do you reach out to others?

Creativity begin from within! Sharing ideas can help us all!

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