Welcome to this weeks Podcast number 104 on Clarity, Vision, and Living the Dream.   Well I must admit that this is podcast has a touch of everything in it.   It is about learning to share how we see things and communicating with others.  It is also about family commitments, and wanting the best of everything. It kicks off with our old theme song and brings a pep to your step.

Expectations & Dreams

We are called to have clarity throughout the day even when the unexpected happens.  Linda talks about communicating with others and how they learn.  Do you have family members who SEE things, HEAR things, or connect over shared memories?  Keeping dreams alive even in the midst of dogs getting bit,  bunny rabbits invading our yards, or dealing with teenagers is important.


Do you take things for granted until something is lost?  That can be objects you enjoy that have broken or perhaps the loss of vision or hearing?   Making a list of the things one is grateful for is really important.   Linda talks about all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for every single day.   She addresses the weather and how Hurricane Florence, and other weather events seem to be how of our control.   We all can rally back though and must help one another.


Are you grateful? Keep one another in your prayers this week!


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