What is behind door #1?  FAKE NEWS

You Never Know What’s Behind Closed Doors.  We don’t know the reality of what happens between members of a family or within a business setting.   Are the staff members of the restaurant really happy?   Are the kids of the house all so well behaved and helpful as they looked in that family photo that comes at Christmas?   Is the story in that Family Newsletter the neighbors sent out really true?   Or is it all fake news? 

What is behind door #2?  LIES

Well I was telling someone that often pictures do not tell the truth.   We have all had the situation where we gather for a photo and everyone is being crabby, but the smiles make it seem that the family is joy-filled.   Or do you go into a Department Store and meet a wonderful clerk only to find out later that the person has a horrible life and they have learned to smile through it all without uttering a complaint?

What is behind door #3?  CLARITY

We don't know what goes on behind closed doors!

“Close the Fridge Door”

Recently this picture was sent to me from a mom of 7 children.   After reminding the children to close the refrigerator door, this is what happened.   The mother told me, “Guess I needed to be more specific!”  Often pictures don’t communicate what it is we want to really share.   Sometimes we need to be alert as to what is really happening.  Obviously, Mom was watching her to see if the child was listening and a chuckle ensued.

What is behind door #4?   OPPORTUNITY

So this takes me to another point.  What doors do you want to open?   Are they doors to doing more business?  Are they doors to a store that has hours that are inconvenient for your working hours?  Is that person you met in person the man or woman who can support your latest invention?   Is that older gent the one who can finance your latest educational pursuit?

Take that first step forward and see all the doors that may open on the escalator of success!


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