So How Did YOU Make that Choice?

Making choices continues to be the topic this week, because it is such a powerful one.   Our choices may be as simple as waiting for a cup of coffee or something seemingly insignificant.   So this morning I stopped at our local coffee shop and ordered my black decaf.   When I got to the drive up window the girl asked if I could wait for the brew to finish.  I looked behind me and no one was there, so I said sure.   I proceeded to pay her and wait.  Still no one around, so I sat patiently.  Then the young girl comes up to the window and tells me to move my car to the other side of the building and park to wait.   I replied, “No, there is no one behind me.”   She said something to the effect that they needed have a quick turn around time.   I said, “No, I do not want to drive around the building as the parking is horrible and I would have to go around again to get out,  AND, there is no one behind me!”   She left the window and said something to the other clerk.

Fast forward, the usual clerk came to the window.  She was smiling, and thanked me for waiting and handed me my coffee.   AMEN.   Now as I am pulling away, a car pulls in behind me.  I had not disrupted anywone and saved myself gas, aggravation, and time.   As I thought about this, several things struck me!  First of all, I seldom refrain from being compliant in situations like this.  2ndly, her request just didn’t make any sense.   3rdly, I was the customer and wasn’t interfering with their business.  4thly,  Kindness and a smile from the second clerk secured the chance of my returning!And that takes me back to choices.   We need to operate on the facts behind the choices we make.   Who is the outcome serving?   Making decisions is easy when we know the situation.   Making decisions that you have thought through then don’t need to be 2nd guessed.

Now some choices may be much harder than this.  Examples might include spending money on a trip or costly purchase.   It may mean one has to decide on a drug to take, a treatment for cancer, or a decision regarding a loved one.  Years ago I had to decide on whether or not to have my husband under major heart surgery.   When the facts were in, I said “NO, it isn’t an ethical option.”   That was 17 years ago and one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I hope it isn’t the last good decision I make!

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