We all have been to an empty building or an empty mall.   It is quiet and the lack of people is an oddity.   After all, we know malls, businesses, stores, and many other places need people.   I recall walking into my parents home after they had died.   It seemed so empty and lonely without their spirits of joy and the usual “hi honey” greeting.   My mind was also feeling void of joy and the emptiness within was so overwhelming.  I missed the laughter, voices, and television or radio in the background.

I think it must feel lonely and confusing for those who have memory losses.   The feeling of loss, and not knowing where everything familiar has gone has to be difficult to comprehend.   The loneliness has to come in waves.   That is true at many other times too.  For people who can no longer see, hear, taste, smell, or understand, their worlds take on a different dimension.

These moments of loss follow us after we have lost a job, after the death of a loved one, after the loss of health or senses, or perhaps a pet.  When these times occur, we are often confused and have memory issues as well due to all the energy it takes to process the missing pieces.  I know firsthand when my spouse was terribly injured, he did not know me.   All the memories we held together were now just mine alone and the inability to share them was as bad as his amnesia.   I suddenly could not remember important numbers, facts, and materials I needed for teaching.

In the coming weeks, we are having a series of “Timely Topics” in our office and one of them is on grieving, recovery, and moving ahead after a loss.   Please consider attending and also letting others know about the 1/2 DAY group session.   You’ll be glad you did, as you will meet others along the journey.  You’ll  also find some concrete ways to move ahead into a happier time.

Join in and find your way back onto the steps of life.   Slowly you’ll be on the escalator of healing and making strides in dealing with issues.  You’ll talk about things you may have needed to express to people around you in a gentle and kind way.  Now is the time to fill the voids.  Please consider joining the series.

Solitude or Emptiness?

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