There are moments that rumble in our lives.  Silly things can rumble in our lives.   It is the Minor Moments in our lives that become Mini Miracles for us.   Listen to Linda’s story that starts about an upcoming storm and how things can escalate.  She discusses the seasons and how changes allow us to blossom.

No Panic Attack Here

This Podcast is about “Self Awareness”, “The Weather”, and “Getting to Know Yourself” a little bit better with every season of the year.  What are the fears in your life that paralyze you?  Have you ever had a panic attack? How do you calm yourself? Do you have a pet with a similar issue or with other anxious moments?  Do you play in the leaves of autumn days, enjoy the snowy days in winter, or the summer days on a beach?

Being observant of our thinking can change how we feel about weather, seasons of our lives, to seeing things in a different light.

Note and embrace the simple things in life.  Take the one step that can put you on the escalator of success.  Have a great day!

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