Organization is a matter of developing excellent habits.  How well do you organize?  Do you have a list of priorities you want to accomplish every day?   Our habits develop by repeating the same behaviors and routines.   Sometimes it takes us awhile to be consistent, but once we practice the new behavior, it is easier!  Try it.   Drive in a different direction if you want to avoid that fast food restaurant.  Change a password, if it will help you change the sites you want to visit earlier in the day.   Check out your appointment book and make an appointment with yourself to exercise or take a walk if you want to ramp up the time you exercise.   Create shortcuts to get were you want to be sooner rather than later.

I find that making a list on a form I have created is easy.  I fill out the form each evening of the contacts I need to make, the people I need to reach, and the people I am waiting to hear back from.   It is so very useful.   I place the list in my purse and unfold it as I get into my car in the morning, just in case I need to stop somewhere before I go into the office.  I put down the phone numbers to make it even easier.  It is such a simple thing that I adapted doing from Brendon Burchard.   He has excellent ideas and a great book called High Performance Habits.   Check it out, it’s very good.

Take the one step to put yourself on the escalator of success.  You’ll be glad you did!

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