Linda discusses relationships in her own life and extends to everyone the importance of making and keeping our friends and families close. Enjoy the minor moments in your life that bring about mini miracles.   This is one of the first podcasts with a variety of subject matters.  Seeking and reaching out to others can never be put on the back burner.  Hopefully you will enjoy this podcast and seek to refresh old friendships.   Old friends from Tennessee were visiting with Linda this week, neighbors stopped by, and the grand kids made the week a good one.   You are encouraged to engage with other people too.

Finding Your Way

Linda then shares a story of going to a Reservoir in Singapore and how easy it is to get lost.  Are you losing your way?   Have you started a project and not finished it.

Have you ever attended a painting party?   Trying fun things can help us discover what we want and need. Creating you own life may come about with changes and new visions.  Our priorities are developing as we go.

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