Monday mornings can be your friend if you decide to let it be!  A long time ago, I decided to take Monday off as my formal day to catch up.   I find it really refreshing to make a list of all the emergency type projects and things I want to do.   I put something I want to do like getting to an early Mass in the first slot of the day and after things seem to flow.

Well Saturday of this past week was Holy Saturday.  I worked the morning seeing patients in the office.   After leaving for the day, I got in the car and was about a mile away when I reached for my cell phone.   It wasn’t there, so I turned around to go back to the office.   When I got there I began to check my desk, the kitchen near the coffee pot, and decided to check the mechanical room.  I had put an empty water jug in there earlier and thought perhaps I laid it on the furnace.

As I opened the door I heard running water and to my surprise saw it running down the side of the wall.   Opps, looks like the hot water heater was overflowing.   I ran for a chair; it was over my head.  I  had to  shut off the electric and turn the water valve off.

The Mini Miracle

Opps, the bottom rusted out!


With a little sponge and some rags, I cleaned up the residual mess and left the rest.  It was a good thing I came into the office to look for the phone.   I also made 2 calls to make sure I did the right thing to keep any further damage from happening.  With that accomplished, I thought this whole project could hold until Monday morning.

Thankfully, it was able to sit until today when I called for a repair service to fix it.  So this Monday wasn’t a disaster waiting to happen.  As a matter of fact, it is early afternoon and I have only a few more things to accomplish.   I guess we need to look for all the things that go right when we think they will go wrong.   It is important to keep a positive and thankful viewpoint.

So how does this help you?   Faulty thinking and the feeling of doom doesn’t have to happen.   Whether it is a Monday Morning or any other modern day thought that is contrary to being joyful, we can decide to make things happy.   Flip your thinking around to serve you better.   Try new things and you’ll find solutions start popping up for you.   Hope your Monday mornings are forever beautiful adventures.

The funny thing was I had my phone with me in my brief case all along.   I think there was some divine intervention there.   A mini miracle from a minor moment last Saturday saved me!

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