Counselors are one of the best hidden secrets around town. This is a first in a series of how we can address issues that tamper with our happiness. This short and impromptu conversation Linda shares with you can help you find meaning and resolve problems along the way.   (This is not a script of the podcast, but simply an overview.)

Linda discusses some of the stigma or concerns that you may think about.   Issues that are keeping you from being happier can be addressed and resolved.  There may be resolution that is quickly resolved by simply discussing a few topics with a professional.  One may be grieving from a major loss in your life.  You may be simply lacking a focus due to stress.  It is good to have a counselor in your rolodex that can be easily contacted as you need one.  It is like having a mechanic to call when your car doesn’t start.   We take better care of our pets than we do taking care of our mental health.

Be strong and seek help. Don't keep hidden concerns keep you from finding joy.

Be your own Bulldog & sniff out the help you need.

Although faulty thinking accumulates over time , one can step away and reclaim thinking for themselves.   We can filter out what doesn’t reflect our values and find happiness.  It floods back into our lives with a few minor adjustments that come to our attention.

Communication is an ongoing process.  We need to feel comfortable with ourselves to enjoy life fully.  Although we use words, we aren’t communicating what we really need or want.   The people around us are also so involved in their own lives that they do not have the skills or time to reach out and help you resolve problems.

Stay tuned for the next Podcast in a week on the potential goodness that arises and some of the topics you are able to bring forward.


Stop waiting and begin creating the life you want.  Don’t keep hidden helpers  (namely Couselors) away.  Take the first step forward and put yourself on the escalator of success.  Try counseling.  Get the support and joy you richly deserve.

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