Wise people who study and practice their arts can help us.  I have been interested in healthy living for years.   When my children were little, I’d bake my own rolls, make desserts from scratch, and avoid fast foods with high calorie counts.   I’d fill our refrigerator with vegetables from our garden.  I’d can and preserve foods on a regular basis.  I’d share them with our parents and extended family.  Over the years, I fell out of being as consistent with monitoring our diets.  It has become my goal to stay “wise” and be consistent again.

Our children have grown and they have their own families.   Studies and how to care for ourselves continues to change.  So this article is to share ways you can benefit by science.  So much is available for us on U-Tube. The Internet allows us to get recipes, supplements, and up-to-date ideas on dietary control.

As we age, so many of our needs change.   Our bodies go through hormonal changes.  Our weight often changes, and shifts happen.   We are called to exercise in ways that fit each of us.   The areas we live in often dictate our exercise regiments.


Check out Amy at AmyHoogervorst.com

Amy is an Integrative Health Coach, writer, and creative entrepreneur.   She offers a variety of insights that will encourage you to be your healthiest.   An exercise guru and teacher, she will make your life easier.  She is a wife and mother, and has aging parents.  As a result, she works with people of all ages across the board and offers wonderful insights.   She continues to be involved in her community.  Check her out and enjoy her insights.

Today we have many sites on U tube like Dr. Eric Berg, DC. at drberg.com

Apples a day keep the doctor away!

Dr Berg has an old fashioned blackboard in his U tube series and teaches us simple principles.   He is interesting and encouraging.   Often he shares things he has learned by making simple mistakes in his own life along the line.   His honesty is refreshing.  He is big on Keto and Intermittent Fasting.   Check out his site and find takeaways that might fit your lifestyle.

Dr Mercola’s Natural Healthy News at drmercola.com

Although his site sells merchandise, he offers worthwhile articles that benefits our health.   He provides information to help us understand our health issues.  These include workouts and eating insights for us.  His explanations are straight forward.  Dr. Mercola has been around for many years and so there is a wide variety of this videos around.

As the summer months approach us, make use of the many fresh farm stands and foods that will be available to us.  In McHenry, IL.  check out the Classy Roost Garden Market this spring and summer for plantings and a fun experience.   Owned by Edie Landwehr,  The Classy Roost Garden Market on Ridge Road will be a great resource for you.



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