Would you believe?

Easter Eggs are Blooming!

The Reality of Business can be so different than what we perceive to be the truth.  Are the entrepreneur’s you deal with providing the service you need?  Where is the evidence of a good business deal?   Are the people you represent honest?   Are you giving the quality service or product follow up that your customers expect?

So do eggs really grow in a pot? Of course not. It’s fake news. Even though we can see by this photograph and might like to think it is a quick way to reproduce eggs, obviously this is not the case.  The reality of a good egg comes from a healthy chicken!  And eggs are edible, not plastic!

So often the things we would like to be as a reality are not so.  This goes for the business we would like to have or the people we would like to meet.   That is not to say that we can’t get that particularly client or that the situation is not one we can claim, but it might mean we have to take a different approach from what we are currently doing.

With all the help online there are many businesses that give more than they promise.  They do so with delight and with the hope of truly being a reputable and excellent business.   Others seem to promise so much and give back so little in return for your money or time.   The trick is to be able to discern the good from the bad.

Some of the best businesses have to prove their worth.   As an Affiliate to Amazon (just click on any of their photos on these pages) I have come to find their services worthwhile.   I order things that seem to have disappeared from the marketplace.   I can find electronics, foods, and just about every toy there is around.   In this time of online services, they have done well to fill orders quickly.

Just this last week I got a virus trying to get a book thru a U-Tube Advertisement.   I was really annoyed and decided that if the local Barnes & Noble did not have the books I want, I’d use Amazon hereafter.   They are quick, dependable, and deliver as promised.  So I guess we all have to figure out where reality service plays out.

And that goes for who shows up, too.   I had a business meeting this morning and the person forgot to show up or connect with me about their intentions.   Do you think I will or should promote or waste more time with this connection?    Even though I have known this business person for many years, I  had personally stopped using their services, because of other reasons.   Guess the evidence of good business shows up in many ways!

Take a reality check on the businesses you use and endorse.   Note where you shop and who you connect with on a regular basis.  This one step may put you on the escalator of success.

Have a great week!

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