Aging gives us opportunities to stretch.  Aging is not all good, nor  bad.   Whether you are 18, 45, or 62, try something new.   Participating in something new can be great fun!

Get your passion in line with changing times. Stretch with the opportunities that age provides.

Women often find that as their children grow, their opportunities do too.  Opportunities to try new things open up.  A spectrum of interests seem to open up.  Line up meetings with local entrepreneurs and people you admire.  Connect with old friends and make new ones on social media or at church.

Our children, who we spent years encouraging, come around as inspirational leaders for us.  Now is the time to open the shutters to the window of adventure.  Perhaps a career in nursing, journalism, real estate, or surfacing a  past interest pushes one out of the homemaker role.  Learn along with your kids, friends, spouse, or neighbors to try new things.

Keep involved with your own generation, but also other generations.   My mother-in-law lived a long healthy life.   I attributed it to her gratitude and her mingling with neighbors of all ages.   She deemed herself as the official welcome wagon lady who’d show up with a homemade treat and her phone number.   She’d go to lunch with others and stay connected.  She was always writing people notes and sending out birthday cards or cards of congratulations.

Let the advantages of time allow you to travel, read, and pursue hobbies.   Connect with you local school boards, get involved in community businesses, or play bridge.  Visit the large cities near where you live.  So often the highlights in our lives are not  far away.

Find your passions or create new interests that allow you to connect with other people.  Trying something new can put you on the escalator of success!

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