What do you define as beautiful?  Beautiful means different things to each of us.  Michael Ryan is a biologist who wrote A Taste for the Beautiful.  He tells us that our perceptions are all different as to what is seen as attractive.  He is a scientist who talks about how animals are attracted to one another, sex, and foods.

Since so many studies carry over from animals; we can learn what is seductive and beautiful by studying them.  Is it the smell or aromas that are attractive?   Is it the color, the flamboyant mannerisms that call us to connect?   Is it the behaviors or the way we sound to each other?

If we apply some of these ideas learned from the animal world to people, we can learn what we prefer and why.  Even the way a person moves or dances might make one stand up and pay attention.

I have always loved the smell of freshly washed cotton; the cleanliness of ironed cotton material.   Perhaps that extends to my love of fabrics, sewing, and linens.  Its no wonder that one of the first things I buy, create, and give away are blankets, doilies, and towels.   I look for them when babies are born, when I want comfort, or when I wish to console someone else.

When it comes to beautiful,  natural things are beautiful.   Wild flowers randomly growing in a field lend beauty to the earth and everyone who can see them.  The sounds of train whistles on a cool summer night along with crickets chirping.   The giggling of a baby with all its innocence lifts the corners of our mouth into smiles.

To some people I am beautiful!

As the season’s change and the windows slide open we’ll be hearing lawn mowers starting up and music from the neighbors yards.  Soon the kids will be zooming down the streets with bicycles and skateboards.  These are all beautiful life giving sounds and actions that call us to interact!

Circle yourself with what brings you beauty.  Decorate your work space, your car, and your home with beautiful things, photos of those you love, and spend time with your favorite people.  Take one step forward onto the escalator of success.

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