There are signs all around us, but they don’t have to stop us from growing and trying new things.   In some cases, once you are on the path to a goal, you cannot stop the roller coaster effect.   In fact, the faster you go and the closer you get to the finish line are encouraging.

An illustration of this is pregnancy.   Once you have discovered you are pregnant, there is a natural progression to having a baby.  You’ll see the signs that come with the development of the baby.  The body takes on different feelings, movements, and the mother’s body changes to conform to the baby’s growth.  The child will with proper care of the mother, grow and develop.  Eventually at full term,  the baby will emerge. Voila, the miracle of birth has blessed the world with another child.

Cones may provide a warning sign, but don’t get fearful and run unnecessarily. Use the warning as a opportunity to proceed with caution.

It is the same thing if you are on a sled going down a steep hill on an icy day.   Once in the process, you will be exhilarated as the sled makes it way down to the bottom.  On the way, you may hit a bump or slow down, but you will no doubt reach the base of the hill.  Along the way, you may even see warning signs or find cones like the one shown here to suggest caution.   Let it be a guidepost for a safe trip.

Those of us who are planners and achievers are comfortable with putting ourselves on the track of completing new goals.   We think through the potential obstacles and decide to go ahead anyway.   When we do hit a glitch, we may already be alerted to the remedy. We consider the risks before we start and often do research ahead of time.

During the month of February, the articles and Podcasts here at will help us all to grow and reach our full potential.   We may along the way hesitate to make progress or even think twice about attempting new endeavors, but I encourage you to put aside concerns, and try new things.   It is in trying that we grow and make accomplishments blossom.   We can even grow through making mistakes and find joy in successes.   Each step along the journey helps us develop into more resilient and educated people.

Remember that one step may be the one to put you on the escalator of success.  Do just one thing today to reach your goal!  Have a bright and beautiful Monday.

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