Navigating your way up the ladder may be tricky.  Perhaps it is a new ladder and you don’t feel secure.   Like when you begin a new job or have to travel to a new location.   Everything seems foreign and uncomfortable.  Each rung of the ladder has a new feeling.  The ladder has rounded steps that are slippery until you get the feeling of the new support.   You are sure who to trust or what skills are appropriate.   The wording and language of the new company is like learning a new language.   The software they use and the processes they have in place are feeling strange.

Recently a friend encountered these feelings.   A new job that she was more than qualified to do offered many new challenges.   Like many companies, the software programs and technology initially made the job difficult.   With time to learn the programs, and the thoughtful mentors within the company, she quickly learned what seemed so difficult at first.  Navigating the programs is now easier.   She loves her job and the opportunities to serve.

Artwork by Rome

But climbing the rungs of any ladder can be difficult to navigate.   We find that moving along daily offers its own share of slippery steps.   It can be learning to drive to a new location.   Roads can be under construction, the car can offers problems, or the map can be wrong.  Getting to our destination can through your day off and be frustrating.

Caring for our own health or that of a loved one seems even more difficult.   The doctors, the treatments, and the medications are all rungs that must be scaled.

Scaling any ladder in your life is doable and you will succeed.  Believe in yourself and your ability to climb.

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