Every day gives us opportunities to color outside the lines.   Kate Halma and Linda  Gullo discuss “She couldn’t keep her color inside the lines so, she drew new lines.”   Do you do that?  Do you color outside the lines? Do you think about other people and how your words or actions affect other people? Do you find it hard to stick to rules, or do you bend easily with the circumstances?

Learning the rules and knowing when to apply them is of great importance.   The ladies talk about safety and the boundaries that rules provide for us.  Listen to their short stories and enjoy them. There are times that rules are designed to protect us.  Often they help us stay healthy and require us to follow guidelines.   Enjoy the new picture you color and remember to adapt what works well for you on paper and in life.

One step can put you on the escalator of success.   Have a bright and happy day!


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