Accepting mistakes with the potential to grow has taken time. While attending high school, we had teachers who insisted students write in ink.  It  was nearly impossible to erase and correct errors when put in ink.   The poor quality pens left globs of ink and things also smeared.  Perhaps the staff thought it would keep students from cheating, but I feel it genuinely hampered me from learning to the fullest.    It made me tentative to write, and uncomfortable to change things!

The IBM typewriters with easy whiteout weren’t available. Messy carbon papers were used in offices.   Again making corrections neatly was in itself an art form.   I found as a secretary and office worker throughout my college years, that errors were glaring at me and cleaning them up was annoying.

Embracing and erasing mistakes.

When I entered into college level accounting, the pencil was so welcome. With the help of a jumbo eraser one could make corrections cleanly.   I could make work look flawless as I went through my notes.  I recognized mistakes and could take care of them.   I felt vindicated and freed up.  Little did I realize how life paralleled this process.

We are encouraged to learn by the mistakes we make. We can literally grow and change for the better, because of the opportunities we recognize for ourselves.

If we write something down and it is wrong, we can change it.   If we constantly come in late and get fired from a job, we can learn that we need to be on time each day.  If we find ourselves in the wrong profession, there is an opportunity for more education or a change.  Furthermore, although we may not be able to totally remove the action of insulting another person or the pain of a divorce, we can learn to apologize and move ahead for everyone’s benefit.

Feeling competent and whole comes with experience and learning from the choices we make.  Compensating for poor actions, like neglecting to repair a relationship can still receive our attention.   At where the  12 step program is experienced, there are helps for self growth and regeneration.  We all need to take our own step forward.  

We are people who make mistakes and can correct them.   Every one of us has had to erase a bad choice, embrace growth, and felt the joy of success.   Take the first step that can put you on the escalator of success.

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