You want me to go where?   That is what many people in the Midwest were thinking this morning as the dry cold winter weather was blowing outside.   And well, maybe it pertained to the animals too!   Their paws and hairless chests don’t appreciate the cold either.

It's too cold outside!

I’m staying nestled under here!

I wanted to snap this photo of Rosy under the edge of the bedspread for you.   I had already made the bed, dressed, and was preparing to go downstairs when I looked over, and saw that she had left her head under the bedspread for at least 10 minutes.   She usually pulls it out after I have made the bed and waits patiently for me.   Today, she nestled underneath and didn’t move.  As you can see the sun was shining in! It was obvious that the outside winds were making for a colder than usual day outside.  It is 3 degrees this afternoon so it was worse this morning.

Some days it is harder to face going out to work or to appointments than on others.   We have all had a few days off after the Christmas break.   No snow today, but harsh cold was messing with our thinking.   Cars just never seem to get warmed up!  Everything is creaking!

Counting our blessings goes a long way in this weather.   A warm house, cozy clothes, and vehicles to move us around are all so appreciated.  I saw a homeless person standing on the corner near the train station.  He has been there often over the holidays.   Many stop and talk with him or give him handouts, gift cards, and hope.

On days like these,we need to think of the value we can bring to the world by moving!   Does what we do or have to do for the day really count?  That is the question we all need to ask and then move forward in contributing.   We do have responsibilities to help one another.   With the season slipping past quickly, it is time to assess the most important things we need to do.

It is the time of year that pushes us into making New Year resolutions.  Do we want to get out of bed?  Do we need to move to a different location?   Do we need to make phone calls? Do we need to  make different choices as to the people we hang around with in 2018?  Is it time to make a career change?  How about planning a trip to a foreign land?   Do you want to take a trip across the United States?

Eventually Rosy came out from under the edge of the bedspread and went downstairs.   She still hesitated to go outside, but did sit with her coat on and thought about it.   Funny since usually she is out and about quickly to access the yard! Guess even older dogs do think about things.   You can tell my her look and the ears tucked back that she was not about to go outside and play today.

Hope wherever you are at that it is warmer!   Keep your spirits high and enjoy the ending of 2017 with good health, much fun, and a hardy purpose!   Have a great day and stay warm.


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