It is the circle and changing of the seasons that keeps me located in the upper Midwest.   The brilliant greens and coming alive of all the flowers each spring are so refreshing.   They call us outside to hear the returning birds and see the budding vegetation.   It is truly a time of awakening for birds, rabbits, and people.   Add in, the liturgical changes with the season of Lent and Easter time; these increase the lively desires to improve our health. Spring adds great joy to our lives!

Then comes the awesomeness of summer and fall.  No extra foot coverings like boots to wear or coats to lug around when the temperatures rise to the 70’s.   The plants and fresh vegetables call us to eat better and more wholesome foods.  Our gardens thrive on the rains and warm sunny days. We tend to gather with one another.  We walk more and have outside picnics.  We share our vegetables and come out of the cocoons we have tucked ourselves in!

By Fall, the colors are so rich in warm golden tones, oranges, and crisp brown leaves.  The crunchiness under our feet and the falling acorns send squirrels fetching food for the long season ahead.  The days may be warm, but the afternoons call us to put on coats and head gear!   The circle of change is becoming apparent as we bring in the plantings that are too tend to embrace the cold nights.

Which takes us to this time of year.  Yes, we are now in the season of Winter.   Winter officially started yesterday.   The chilly damp air, the bouts of snow, sleet, and fog dominate the news.   We are rearranging our schedules to accommodate safety issues like traveling and/or avoiding to slip outside.   We add moisture to our homes to protect ourselves from bloody noses and dry throats.   We celebrate many holidays with one another.   That means gatherings, where we share traditional foods, cultural kindnesses, and colorful decorations.   We listen to each others stories and give one another meaningful gifts.   Often they are gifts of love and time.   We listen to musical sounds.   There are bells from the local churches, songs on the radio, and hymns sung around the house.   We decorate our homes and offices, bake, call one another, and shop till we drop!

It all comes full circle like this outdoor wreath.   May you enjoy this time with loved ones and later enjoy the new books you may have received.  Relish in the quiet moments after the long days and the year comes to an end.  Don’t forget to call your friends and stay in touch.   Those are the moments that make life worthwhile.   May these minor moments grace you with Mini Miracles.   May the one phone call or visit put you on the escalator of a new friendship.  Relationships are the cornerstones of life.

Circle of Life

The Circles of Health, Wealth, Kindness, & Color brings us to completion.

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