Planning Ahead is Really Worth the Effort.   Some of these things I have learned firsthand and want to offer them to you.

  • Succession Planning is a must for businesses.  A sudden death leaves a business in shambles under the best of circumstances and can leave everyone it serves in a state of need without help.
  • Disability Insurance.  An accident incapacitates the breadwinner in a family.  Where does the money come from as things begin to stabilize?   It can be months if not years until things go back to “normal.”   Small disability insurance policies are a blessing.  I can attest to this firsthand.
  • Getting things done in advance. The power goes out and the ability to print out a much needed assignment or transaction is due with the hour.  Now what?  Just in the recent week a large store had their credit card system go down and the whole store was in  jeopardy of much needed sales.   Planning ahead is wise and backups are necessary.
  • A simple backup is a lifesaver or business saver! Although everyone is saving things virtually, have things on backup systems or printed out is a good plan.
  • Alternative speakers or plans can become a placeholder.  Collaborating with others becomes a blessing when suddenly an airline cancellation postpones a speaker.  Having a variety of acquaintances with skills around us is often a blessing.   And sometimes it is a glitch that lets another person come forward to be known.
  • Clean as you go.  What I mean by this is that when you replace an article, a file, or a list at the office, discard the old one so that it isn’t mistaken for the up-to-date copy.   You’ll save time and mistakes won’t happen as frequently.   Shred old documents and tidy up before you leave the office or work space.

Have a great weekend.   See you next week.   Let the minor moments in your life lead you up the escalator of success.

Becoming a cornerstone.

Keep things ROCK SOLID by planning ahead!

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