Empty in more than one way!

Sometimes we think things should go our way and suddenly they don’t.  Earlier this week,  I decided to run an early morning errand to our local Walmart, figuring things would stay fine in the trunk of my car for a few hours until lunchtime.   On the way back to the office, I stopped for a cup of black decaf coffee at our local Dunkin’ Donuts.  It is very cold outside and the idea of a warm drink appealed.  When I got to the office with my backpack, purse, coffee, and a bag of fruit, I unlocked the door and proceeded inside.  In the process of entering the office, the coffee cup must have become compromised and the bottom dropped out!  In a flash it was empty. Totally empty!  Coffee all over the mat, on the door, and nearby window.



Fast forward. After putting everything else down and cleaning up, I brewed a cup in the Keurig Coffee maker.   I still very much needed to warm up and proceed through the day.  It made me think about how we empty out emotionally.

Have you ever encountered a rude person, or been treated with disrespect?  Of course you have, we all have.  It leaves  one suddenly feeling compromised or unworthy.  We may utter back something under our breath or pretend not to notice, but we do take it in.

We see all the people on the media these days talking about being abused.   Is it any wonder that people put up their defenses and stop trusting one another?   Is it a surprise that people quit pursuing their dreams, because someone or some instance has stopped them?

Feeling empty can also come with the loss of someone we loved.   It can be a neighbor, friend, lover, or sibling.   Emptiness isn’t just a cup of coffee or an empty bank account.   Empty is real and it brings along a whole host of feelings and compromises.  If you journal, this is a great topic.   “How do I feel empty?  How do I fill the void?  What fills me up?”

Empty can be a feeling we get from our teenage children, our spouses, or from encounters at work.   We may think one way and someone punctures our balloon.   On the other hand someone can endorse us or help out and suddenly we are inflated and geared up to succeed.

As the season of love and giving draws upon us, let us be open and grateful to one another.  Let us help guide and direct one another as much as, we can.  Let us fill each other with joy and purpose.  Be generous and patient.   Let others go ahead in a store.  Open the door for one another.   Do random acts of kindness.  You’ll be glad you did, as your own cup will be filled too.

This takes me back to the first story line about the coffee cup.   The whole office smelled like a Coffee Shop.  Thanks to
Angela at Service Master by Pletz  (www.servicemasterbypletz.com) for their wisdom in cleaning carpets.   I recommend them for your commercial cleaning services.  They are always willing to help!


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