Stop isolating yourself from other people.   It is not the answer to moving ahead.   We are people that function our best and surge ahead when we are in community.  You may be a leader or a follower, but either way, being with others gives us energy and feedback.

If you think about how we are created, we are instantly brought into a community.  It is called a  family.  The love of two people have provided an instant family for us.  Often the unit has extended family that care for us too, like our siblings, grandparents, neighbors,  or devoted aunts and uncles.  We are feed, warmed, and cuddled.  People sing to us, make funny faces, and comfort us.  They tease us and make us giggle.  It is usually a mom, dad, or nanny who cares for us on a regular basis where we gain trust.

We are then taught about the people in our neighbor like the church community, police, fire department, teachers, and other sources of care.   Our teachers take us on field trips; our parents teach us to volunteer.   We attend church breakfasts, pray together, become active in the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports programs, and extra programs available around us.  We have our pictures taken with the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, or dance troop.

Stop isolating yourself. Connect with other people and find comfort with pets!

In each case and under all these circumstances, we are taught to exchange our talents and interests with those around us.   That is the healthy way of becoming all we can be!   The best part of being involved is that it gives us feedback to enjoy time with one another.   We trade our skills and services.  We learn what we are good at the areas we prefer to avoid.   Our talents develop and so do our unique personalities.

Somewhere along the line, some people pull back from the “crowd”.   This happens when we don’t feel good about ourselves.   We are hurt or feel unappreciated.   We don’t know who is safe to turn to or where to go for answers.   We have all been there, and it isn’t a good feeling.   If we are lucky, we may have access to a dog or cat that gives us unconditional love and companionship.

When one has had a spouse die or a divorce happens, the reality of being alone is reflected to us when we have a social engagement to attend and we are alone.  We are the ones driving, parking, and walking into an affair on our own.   We don’t have that partner there with us to assist us or to make small talk to while everyone else seems to comfortable.

Getting the support you deserves from a caring professional is a good beginning to forge ahead and thrive!   Isolating yourself is not a good move.   Get connected and be the best version of yourself!


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