Often “less is best” when it comes to overeating, having enough to wear, and being productive.   Today’s Millennial’s view materialism is much differently than that of the baby boomers.    Often people from that generation were striving for the house, the boat, and/or the fancy cars.    They had  come to believe that more made them happier.  Millennial’s find minimalism freeing.  Actually a few special pieces of clothes, the right books, or valued friends can do the job better of fitting the bill for them.

Kate and Linda share a few ideas to help you feel better.  The first story Linda shares is a short story about a friend who was content with using a single small knife in the kitchen to prepare dinners.  Kate chimes in about George Carlin, who had a comedy routine about “stuff.”

Check out Less is Best.  It is a book by Sage Wilcox.    It is in regard to storing and decluttering!  How many people do you know who are hoarders?

Even our computers need to be cleaned out.   It is easy to accumulate files since many are not needed.

There is beauty to simplicity.  Linda shares about going into her “St. Francis mode!”

Linda shares that when her mother was in boarding school as a High School Freshman, the students were issued  3 set of clothes.  Here is one of her hangers from 1929.  She had 3!  Of course society was different then too.   Great shifts come with every decade!

Kate brings up Blue Zones where people are happier and healthier living with less.  check out https://bluezones.com

Check out https://zenhabits.net/simple-living-manifesto-72-ideas-to-simplify-your-life/

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.” Jim Rohn

Kate talks about mindfulness, sharing the load, and coming together as friends.

Sorry for the inconsistent audio today.  Enjoy the little things in life for one day  you’ll look back and realize that they will be the big ones.






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