Are you present and focusing on an agenda? Your child is calling you to come play with them.   Are you able to shut down and focus on the short playtime?   I always found it hard to stop doing one thing and focus on another, but I am learning that it is not only healthy, but also so fulfilling to do one thing at a time.

I literally just shut down a CD I was listening to and decided to write this blog.   I had been writing one every day for over 18 months, but in the past 6 months, my time and attention has gone to establishing care for people over the phone and online.   I do well when I can concentrate on one task.  I don’t misplace files or forget details.   I used to do a dozen things at the same time. This was particularly true at home as a mom, but I also had to do that with children and chores.   Multitasking seemed natural.

As the year winds down, I am staying present and focusing on one thing at a time.   I have a better retention of what has transpired and feel more accomplished as well.   I am going to carry this effort forth into 2018.

Welcome!  Rosy is present and focusing that I am not leaving!

How are you focusing these days?   Are you feeling scattered?  Perhaps you are lonely and not connected?  Many of my friends are retired and free to glide through a schedule of their own, and even though I have my own business and can schedule in special events, I am being careful about not committing to too much outside of this office.   For many years I used my extra energy in that way, but now it is more intentionally directed.

I watch Rosy and notice that she will run to her kitchen pillow when I walk in with groceries.  Our dog Lord used to do that too.   He’d perch himself at the top of the staircase and have a view of the whole family room and french doors.  I think dogs know when to separate themselves when things get too crazy.   They aren’t in the way and still they have control.

When we are with other people, we want them to be focused on what we are saying.   We have all had the experience where we are talking and the other person either blanks out or answers inappropriately.   It is all too obvious that they are not present nor focusing on our interaction.

As we flow into the Advent Season and all the merriment around us, do take the time to be cordial and present.  Worry less about the gifts and the peripheral decorations.   Focus on the people you are talking with and listen.  You’ll feel contentment and pride.

Look forward to our Podcast later this week when Kate Halma joins me on using “Domestic Arts”.   It should be a down-to-earth look at some wholesome, old-fashioned, and needed skills.   We don’t want to lose them!

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