Good Afternoon and Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments where it is the seemingly minor moments that bring us the potential for great joy and insight into our life.

This is Podcast # 76 on What’s Better: Rushing and Waiting?     The topic actually created itself beginning with a minor moment last night.

It had been a full day with lots of the usual chores packed in around work, cooking, and taking the dog outside. I was delighted to get in another long walk out in the country for some enjoyable exercise. It was cool and pleasant, but the sunshine was an invitation to move.

Last night a glass of ice water accidentally fell into an open filing drawer. Chaos erupted as we ran for towels and started separately files. Drying and discarding what we could, the room suddenly had piles of papers scattered about to air dry. We rushed to blot away any water that was standing.

Ironically, I had just commented that I wanted to change the way I was filing paperwork and return to an approach that we used many years ago. I had remarked that it was easier to find things quickly in my older method. Well now thanks to this little unexpected glitch, the new filing system will go into effect this weekend. I have already set up new file folders this morning. I like to be inspired to get jobs done, but this was not the ideal way to prioritize reorganizing.

The End of Day

It was at the end of the day as we were winding down and saying goodnight when this incident erupted. Needless to say, I stayed up afterwards to relax before heading to bed.  I took a few moments to connect with my daughter as I usually do at nighttime.   Our families are the most precious things in life and even the smallest practices of connecting with them are essential to our well being.  With that I finally went to bed.

This morning I was in a store and found the clerk rushing me. I did purchase one of the things I needed, but recognized that I would have spent more money if she had not been so quick to exit me.

Then at lunchtime, the news came on and the newscaster talked so fast that I had to really listen to catch what was being said. No wonder everyone is so anxious. I shut the radio off to slow down.

On the other side of the spectrum is the issue of waiting. Almost every doctor’s appointment takes longer than necessary because one has to wait. Sometimes after being in their main area one is escorted into the patient room where the door is closed and one has to wait some more. It is easy to grow anxious. The doctor flies in, asks his or her questions, and exits. One of my clients tells me that often she has not had the opportunity to ask her doctors her questions, because of this practice.

Often getting an appointment takes forever. Several people close to me are waiting for scans, and specialists to get them in for evaluation. All the while, conditions may worsen because they have to wait 3 weeks or more.

I understand that waiting gives us options on how to respond. It allows us time to investigate the choices we’ll make like for treatments or costly home repairs. Waiting gives us time to find bargains, compare services, save money or talk to others for insight. So being delayed isn’t always bad.

Learning to balance the rushing and waiting game has become a challenge to me personally. I find it is easy to become impatient when I have to wait. On the other hand I actually schedule in slow down time. Time to walk and think. Time to pray, meditate and filter my concerns by writing. This has come through lots of hard work and a conscious desire to slow down and savor the best of each day.

Next week I will be at a Next Level Workshop with Cliff Ravenscraft and a dozen other people learning more to share with you.

That means that I will be here with you in two weeks from today to bring you an episode “Less is Best” with my Joy-filled friend Kate.

I pray for you my listeners, and for all those I coach to enjoy the minor moments of your life today. “One single step may put YOU on the escalator of success!”


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