To overcome your self doubt  begins now. Taking an active participation and being awareness that doubt is affecting our lives is the first step in making a change.   As we go through life, we accumulate something that will help remove the act of over questioning ourselves.   It is called Portable Equity.   It is that skill set that goes into our toolbox and aids us whenever we are trying something new.   It can be a job, a change in schools, a moment traveling in a new city, or learning a new craft.   Our ability to achieve greater things means setting aside self doubt and believing in ourselves.

In other posts I have noted that Portable Equity is something we have already achieved.  It is a learned skill set like being detail oriented, a self starter, or being well organized.   We may have excelled in a subject like accounting back in college and yet never implemented those skills.   The accounting knowledge is still portable and can be used when it comes up with being on a Board of Directors for a not for profit group.  It can be used in setting up a new business; the skill is not wasted.  Portable equity removes self doubt, because usually we have felt and come to believe in ourselves.

So where does self doubt come from?   Is it a message you have placed in your subconscious?   Has the doubt been affirmed by someone you admire and now it is something you have come to believe?  Are you questioning how to proceed or when to act on an important issue?  Have you given up trying new things for fear of failing and moving forward?

Strut forward with Confidence!  Photo by Linda Gullo

Doubt can keep us from advancing when you need to move forward.   Working with someone who is skilled can help one to a new level otherwise, a person may do nothing at all.   For me, I learned awhile ago that I did not know who to trust.  I didn’t know who to ask for certain needs I had.   I began to just ask anyone and voila eventually you get an answer.    So here are a few tips to proceed.

  • Ask for help.   Psychotherapists and teachers are great resources.
  • Listen to experts in the area of learning you want to master.
  • Don’t beat yourself up for doubt, just march forward.  Mel Robbins would say, “5,4,3,2,1 go”
  • List all the areas of competence you already have achieved.
  • Work along side someone you admire.  Do it free!  In giving away, we receive.
  • Be your own cheer leader and marvel at your own accomplishments.

Our own negative self talk can be the very thing you need to remove the self doubt that has held you back.   BE well, listen to your own healthy values, and meet with continued success.   Just on step can put you on the escalator of success.

Check out for groups.  You’ll be glad you did.



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