Keeping your balance is sometimes harder than at other times.   Linda shares a short story of a man falling over the side of a fishing boat.  He wasn’t hurt, but his pride probably was wounded.   Thankfully he was plucked from the 42 degree water, dried off and proceeded to go fishing.   When we are 80 + years it is harder to bounce back than when we are 42.  Balance isn’t always physical in nature.   We need to balance our friendships, our times of business and pleasure.  We need to weigh our choices, the time we give to others, and the time we read and nurture ourselves.

Linda Gullo offers a few ideas on keeping your balance when you need to make a decision.   Don’t rush into a quick decision.   As it is, we are rushed to answer e-mails, and things every day.   We all need to slow down and think things through.   Read magazines, listen to friends, make younger and new acquaintances every day.  Ask people in the know for help.   Keep abreast of ideas from reading and those who travel.

Let one single thought filled step put you on an escalator of continued success.

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