As I walked through a local cemetery, there was a peaceful moment of thinking how these deceased people had conquered fear in their lives.   Had they fought a physical problem like heart disease, cancer, or an immune problem?   Had they fought in a war and had mental issues to deal with in their lifetime as a result of the experience.   Were some of these people harmed as children and fearful for their whole lives?  Every person has a story to tell and as we die, do our stories die too?   I hope not.  Walking and reading the dates gave me only a few facts about each person, but it would be wonderful to glean information and wisdom from all of these lives.

It is sometimes easier to do nothing than to open a can of worms and not know how to deal with them.  But in the pursuit of some fresh air and clarity, it is wise to address the things that bother us.   If you have an issue that can be solved with an action, you don’t have a problem!  This small phrase has continued to pop out all month at me.  It was like that as I walked the cemetery too.   Could some of these people enjoyed a happier life or one that was less stressful?

I spied a feather laying on the ground.  Where was the bird?  Had it flown off in pursuit of it’s safety?   Fear often helps us to be safe by running from danger.  We seek the safety of shelters, cling to the safety of another person, or the protection of caretaker we trust.   We turn to prayer and to our relationship with God.  We may be begging for help, insight, or resolution.  The feather was the only sign of a bird, just like the tombstones were a sign of precious lives that had lived.  I hope the bird was just shedding naturally one of its feathers and that it was with a flock of its own.

Fear can be a safe guard when it serves as a safety measure. We run or hide depending on the circumstances.  Or fear can block us from taking opportunities for grown by paralyzing us.   I have plenty of people come into my office with fear.   Often it has caused them great anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness.   Every one of us has experienced the momentary “oh what now?”

Small steps make for great progress.   We can move mountains with one shovel full at a time and build wonderful programs, improve our health, and promote business by taking a single step.   We can do so by taking action.   We can lean on the support of other people.   We can ask questions and pursue answers we need.

Please do something and shake away “fear” and all that it robs you of doing and being.   Have a super week and keep flying high.   When you do land, let it be a peaceful and wonderful moment.

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