Resilience Comes with the Support of Other People

Becoming a cornerstone.

Welcome to this weeks Podcasts on Resilience and being encouraged to heal.   We all need support from one another.  Often it is the trying times that come out of nowhere, like natural disasters, that remind us of that.   Healing and trying to move forward is hard.   Daily issues are hard enough, but the major things put fear into us and paralyze us.   Those moments of being frozen and unable to progress calls for the reinforcements of other people.

God has given us all so many wonderful talents and opportunities to use our gifts.   We need to share them.  Linda quotes Mel Robbins  from one of her recent talks.   “If you have a problem that can be solved with action, you don’t have a problem!”

So this weeks Podcast “Resilience” hopefully will help you to take action and resolve your current problem.   Our yard was in complete chaos this week as we had word done to break down and remove a waterfall that was in place for over 40 years.   It was built with rebars, mesh, and concrete.  Along with many boulders, the pond was dismantled and removed.    Today you would not recognize the spot or the gardens around it.

As it progressed, I kept thinking of all the rebuilding that goes on constantly around the world.   We all contribute to enhancing our world or making it a better place.   Enjoy this short podcast and blessings for resilience!

Peace for you day and have a great one.


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