Welcome to a short, but “jam-packed” episode on How to Live Life Fully.  To bring anything into your life, Richard Bach says that we need to imagine that’s it is already there!  Every step of our lives is a journey and keeps on changing.   In this episode of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments, Linda discusses a few ideas that you might want to journal on this week.  Maybe these are things that you want to imagine are already there.

“If you’re like me, you have a pretty busy schedule.  It is a schedule that has a time frame revolving around work, appointments, deliveries, and sleeping.”  Linda shares about how sleep is the first thing to be sacrificed when she has a lot on her plate for the day!  Sleep is that important commodity to be removed and replaced by other priorities.

Our daily obligations and commitments to others can be a great source of enjoyment.  Today’s short story is tucked into  a 3 hour window.  Linda spends time with an older Granddaughter that she realizes couldn’t have been spent in any better way.   It is the unexpected visit in this daily moment that one feels so invigorating.  She was thankful to encounter this brief time in her day.   This spontaneous visit was indeed one of those remarkable times.  It was nothing special, but yet it was so important in being close to those we love.

Hope you enjoy the Podcast.  These photographic sites are from Oregon and taken by Debbie Smakal Davidson who shares her photography with us. 




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