We have all waited for someone to arrive.   It may be as a child when one is waiting to be picked up and Mom or Dad or a teenage sibling is coming to get us.   It may be when one is waiting for a lunchtime meeting and the person has not yet arrived.   Sometimes these situations cause anxiety and concern for us, while other times we just say to ourselves, “where are you?”  People provide a source of energy for one another.   They reflect back to us the goodness within and that alone gives us the energy to progress.  If someone forgets to pick us up or forgets an appointment, our self worth and energy drops.  We are left on the bench by ourselves to figure things out.

Where are you with work?  Is it a job or business that you enjoy coming to each day that fills you with energy to grow?   Perhaps there is something that blocks you from treasuring your day.   Perhaps the work is too hard or just too boring.   Maybe the people you work with are less then enjoyable or less than empowering?  If this is the case, than energy is being lost!  I think back to all the past jobs I have had and one pops up to mind instantly.   I loved going to it every day without exception.   It provided challenges, life giving interactions, served a purpose, and the people around me appreciated me and my work.   It was ideal and the energy it gave me was like dynamite.   I wanted to come everyday and do more and more work well.

Where are you with relationships?   I love my friends, my colleagues, and my patients.   All of them are so unique and offer such a different image of life to me.   I am thankful to engage and learn from every one of them.  Learning from others is the easiest and most fun; specially the insight and wisdom that comes from children.

Today is the day to reflect and make changes.  Call up someone who inspires you!  Get the help you need to resolve your problems.  5,4,3,2,1 as Mel Robbins would say and go for it. (http://www.a-speakers.com/speakers/mel-robbins)

Procrastination kills the flow of good energy so take action.  You’ll be glad you did!


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