What is the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up?  Does your schedule for the day automatically pop up in your head?  Are you feeling happy?  Perhaps you are disgruntled because of something you must do today that is unpleasant for you.  It might be you wake up giving praise to God to another day on Earth?

The way we look at life is ongoing and a growth process.   For many people it is a challenge to get up each day and find something good waiting around the bend.   We know that some people achieve so much and are so charismatic.  They schedule well and follow through with their plans.   Along the way, they soak up, like a sponge, all the things going on around them that are positive.   My father was a man who enjoyed life and seemed to deal well with whatever the day brought to him.   I do wish he were here to give me that positive push when things go poorly.   In his place though, I know God has placed others who can do the same for me.

Morning Flowers greet us!

So my question to you is where do you find your support for what is on today’s schedule?   Are you an executive who simply delegates the less desirable chores to someone else?  Are you the one who says, “I’m good at that I’ll take the burden off your back and deal with it?”   Or are you the person who says “I can do this, but I need the inspiration and insight of someone else?”

  • Knowing how we deal with things can make life easier.
  • Look around you for support from family, co-workers, and specialists.
  • Find your own strengths and use them.
  • Continue learning new skills, develop new interests, and enjoy the hobbies that relax you.
  • Schedule time for prayer and reflection.

Enjoy the small achievements you have made today and celebrate them.  This will help build self confidence in you.  It is a double win.




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