Being Mindful does so much to help our bodies heal and stay balanced.  It is simply the practice of working with one’s mind and body to strengthen our ability to be present in the moment. Mindfulness is about teaching ourselves to be aware and present of each moment.  When we practice it regularly, we are less prone to making mistakes.  We send “anxiety” off on its own path and become so much more resilient.

On today’s Podcast, Linda and Kate discuss some examples of Mindfulness.   Learn about Kate’s new puppy, Linda’s recovery from losing a Birthday card, and a moment from Kate’s wedding.  Linda reflects on how she is taking less photos at events and just appreciating the time there.   Someone else inevitably will take a photo to share.  We are sharing how to connect with the moment and enjoying it more.

Linda shared an Old English Proverb that says, “On a Calm Sea, every man is a pilot.”   The ladies agreed that is true of women too.  Both chuckled!

Kate shared a time when she broke her leg and it slowed her down to appreciate  things more.  We agreed that as busy people we need to set reminders to relax.   Smart watches, dogs, and exercise resets our focus to be present in the moment.

Kate then shares how she starts her Yoga classes and tuning into our bodies.  Linda talks about her centering at prayer.  Both encouraged taking the time and finding a way that works for you may be the step that puts you on the escalator of success.

“Don’t just look, observe.  Don’t just swallow, taste.  Don’t just sleep, dream.  Don’t just think, feel.  Don’t just exist, live!”

Two resources include:  Your One Word by Evan Carmichael

Mindfulness, A Practical Guide by Tessa Watt

Linda and Kate will see you in two weeks.  Stay tuned for “Power Statements”

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