In the past few weeks, people around our State of Illinois have been dealing with property damage and mental stress from the excessive rains.   Rivers and run off have made what is normally dry, rather wet and alarming.   I am sure the insurance companies are busy taking care of claims, while the homeowners scurry around cleaning and repairing damage.  Challenging times can be attacked with a smile!

Challenging Times cause us to learn more!

Our world is fast pace, but when it comes to personal traumas, health issues, and stress, healing does not come as fast as the challenging issues that pop up.   I was listening to WGN radio earlier  today with Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder, as the topic of concussions popped up.  As a parent, I was always concerned for my children and now that concern extends to my grandchildren.

As a active Counselor, I am highly aware of the potential dangers that contact sports like soccer and football can create.   The studies that were referred to on the radio and that we gauge injuries to were down on brains of people who lived in the 50’s and 60’s.   Now as a community, we are more aware of the potential dangers so hopefully we can avoid any long lasting damage.

Now it doesn’t mean that sports are the only issue that affect us.   A lady called in the station saying she had Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and it was from being a hair dresser.   The chemicals she used in that profession had an effect on her life.   She now suffers from this chronic inflammatory lung disease.

We can see that there are hazards in so many areas of life.   We all need to be aware of these issues, but delight in the fact that we do have good health care, kind neighbors, and opportunities that lead to healing.   We need to stay positive and happy.   Enjoy the warm seasons, exercise when we can, eat well, and engage in healthy relationships with other people.  Stay spirited, continue to learn, and laugh often.

I have been sharing cartoons lately with my adult children.   A little levity helps us all as we face challenging times.  Here is sketch of our dog Petey, who had a fun personality.  We caught him on film looking at a book. Sometimes we learn when we are faced this difficult moments more than we would have otherwise.

Have a great day and keep your attitude positive and  brilliant!  All things are temporary!  Enjoy each moment.


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