Do you have to wait until someone wakes up?  Sometimes you have to just wait.  Wait for that perfect job offering.  Wait for the break in being recognized.  Wait to heal after treatments or a broken leg.  Wait until you are able to reach the new level and earn that long awaited raise you have wanted so badly.  Wait for the next expert can be reached.  Wait until there is enough money.  Wait for the appointment to get your questions answered. The waiting game isn’t easy, in fact, it is hard but necessary.

                           I hate to wait. Please wake up.

Whenever I am stressed with waiting, I try to remember Ecclesiastes 3.  It says that “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven—.”  (Taken from the NASB) Of course, the verse is longer and more clarifying, but those words help me to put things into perspective.  It also puts my needs in perspective with a greater world of other people and businesses.  It calls into mind that we are just one culture and need to be open to time changes.

In a fast moving world, we don’t always let things naturally develop.   We want to rush things along.  The down side of rushing is not always good.   Things are lost and forgotten in the rush.  We miss out in important information and resources.

When we are in school, we have to wait until we have met all the criteria to graduate.  We keep learning skills;we learn how to deal with other students and the faculty.   It is the experience of coming on time and passing tests that make us more conscientious and will to work.  It is putting value to our work and to the people we are trying to serve.

When we enter into the job market, there are procedures to follow.   Sometimes if we have allowed ourselves to be patient, it all works on our behalf.   Today is the beginning of a new week and new vision.   Look for the mini miracles that come from the minor moments that you don’t think are important.  They really are relevant.

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