Laugh Along with the Flowers of the Earth

Laugh Along with the Flowers of the Earth

Recently I was looking at photographs and notes from a trip I took to England, Scotland, and Wales.   It has been many years since I visited there, but looking at the photos took me back.  The memories and thoughts I had flashed back too!  There, the natural landscape is so beautiful.  It is old, tranquil, and weathered.   The rock formations called to me.  Maybe it is because of the strength and endurance of boulders that created walls to buildings, small fence lines in the fields, and fountains.  There is a permanence and feeling of history in those barriers.   Along the Irish sea, one could see the bottom stones that lined the sea from the land.  Beautiful, etched from time, and still so strong!

When we are young, we are resilient and open to change and the opportunities for growth.   We learn from others when to shelter ourselves emotionally and how to protect ourselves from hazards, chemicals, and violence.   At least, we try to be careful and strong.  When we are hurt as children or get ill, we have an ability to recover quickly and well.  As we wear down, our bodies begin to show their age.  The wisdom and skills we have attained from trial and error and repeatedly practicing, advances.   We must relish the change and use it to help others on this road called life.

In an age where social media and technology has taken over, there is a feeling of being rushed.  Several families I know have headed to the Kentucky and Tennessee areas of the the United States in the last few weeks.   Everyone comes back raving about the natural earth and beauty of the land.   They come back refreshed having set aside their smart phones and computers for a rest.  Instead of gazing at screens they move, swim, and laugh.  The pace there is slower and more restful.  It seems so calming and healthy.  We need to let our walls come down and relish in the spirit of life  love, and laughter from one another.

Today, my husband and I were outside at our waterfall.   It wasn’t working well until today so it was a thrill.  The sound of the water falling over the rocks was so pleasant.   The beautiful white Yucca plants seems to be reaching for the sky and looked so lovely.  I actually went in the kitchen where I could watch it and and sat comfortably with a cup of coffee.   It is something I seldom do for myself.  That is to just sit and relax without looking at the clock.   I decided to start doing that more often and get off the treadmill that is so wearing and fast.   I am going to walk more and capture the earth that exists in this State too.

We have trained ourselves to be productive and that is great, but in the process, so many of us are tired.   The tiredness shows in the clerks that check me out in store, in the way people are carrying themselves, and in the mentality that we must get it all done.  Things wait for us to get done.   The flowers grow at their own pace with a little water and TLC.   “The Earth Laughs in Flowers” as Ralph Waldo Emerson has said and it is true.   We need to chuckle and laugh with one another too.

Have a super week with The 4th of July coming along tomorrow.   Enjoy the Minor Moments and the Mini Miracles!

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