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Hi, This is Mini Miracles from Minor Moments, where good things are flooding your way in small pieces and you may not even recognize it! Minor moments make us who we become. I am your host Linda Gullo. This broadcast comes from the town of Crystal Lake, IL , which is near the Wisconsin border and it comes to you on a weekly basis. It is usually a short 10-15 minute episode to brighten your day and to spark a few thoughts.

As Mini Miracles explode all around, I have decided to be doing a blend of individual podcasts along with half hour interviews. Friends and business entrepreneurs will be popping in on a regular fashion to bring on a variety of thoughts and insights to help you.

As I woke up this morning, I could hear the lawn movers in our yard busy at work. Only an hour earlier it had been raining, so I was surprised the lawn care fellows were out there. Rosy lifted her head when I tossed my feet off the side of the bed to stand up.

My thoughts as I was making the bed went back to some 49 years ago when I was about to be married. It was a hot smoldering day in 1968 and we did not have air conditioning. The humidity was uncomfortable. Family was coming in from near and far. My mom and dad were excited. And so was I. Preparation for our 10 am High Mass with the men’s choir singing for us was set in place. Looking back things really went well.

Wow, in so many ways it seems like it just happened yesterday. Many of the people that were so important to me then have now passed on and that presents an empty spot in my heart. In that way it seems like an eternity. So many things happen in the course of a day, a week, a month, or a year—yet 49 of them seems unreal.

Where are you in your life? Are you happily married? Are you dating someone? Are you in the midst of a big career change or a move to another city? Are you under pressure to earn more money? We all go through similar times in our lives when we have to make choices and redefine our pathways.

Loving life and being engaged in it fully takes focus and a sense of direction. It isn’t being on the defensive about your decisions. It isn’t reacting to the latest invitation on email or comparing ourselves to what’s happening on Facebook.

I think too about how different each of us are when it comes to habits. Habits that add up to give us different results. Whether it comes to saving a certain amount out of each paycheck, going to the get gas on the same day or same place each week, or going on an annual vacation, helps us become the person we are.

Life happens and we can choose our thoughts. We can plan and seek a higher level of learning or engaging in life with our family and friends. We can deny ourselves of pleasures in order to buy a new car or pay for food. Creating healthy boundaries and being responsible is not only necessary, but becomes a necessity to be fully in charge and happy, it is a fun thing to participate in every day.

My friend El Edwards from Wales says, “If you don’t like the view, change it; you are not a tree.” I posted that on my website, because I think it reminds us that we are able to make changes for the better. I don’t know if it is really her quote, but it is one that I credit her here for today. We don’t just stand still or let the wind direct us. We are capable of moving and sharing.

We all learn from our own experiences along the way. We learn to prioritize. That takes years–well into our 20’s before we get our act together. Our daily routines provide a script for us of what we are to do to make ourselves feel good. We check our mail, fill the car with gas, pay our bills, go to store for groceries, and return phones calls. Not all in that order, but you understand. We are called to follow through and no one hands us the list of to-do’s as we get older. No one says, “you have to go to the dentist”. The garbage needs to be taken out. It’s so and so’s birthday and I had better get that card in the mail. Whatever you do, you know is what is expected of you.

Last week’s guest, (Kate Murauskas Halma) talked about her Grandmother’s imprint on life for her. Many of us have had those fabulous people around us as we grow up and it only becomes obvious years later. Who are the people that have touched your life in a productive and loving manner? Maybe it was even a neighbor who remembered your birthday every year?

When I was growing up, my brother was a big influence on me. Although he was 5 years older, he had nice standards, hardy friends, and a sense of humor. His love for hobbies and reading spilled over onto me along the years.

I am enjoying the teachings of Mel Robbins. She wrote a book called the 5 Second Rule. She was made famous on a TED talks and offers a program called the Power of You. I really enjoy her authentic approach to life and follow her.  She and several other people I study, call us to Mental Toughness. We need to be intelligent in our decisions, confident in our choices, and keep things in perspective like dealing with difficult people. We must adapt to changes and embrace the blessings given to us. Often we are called to prioritize our time and adapt to shifts of energy and stamina.

If you are life me, setting goals and being consistent in reaching them is ongoing. I do know that when I got married though that it was a lifelong commitment. I knew that I had to be open to changes and some of them were out of my control. Like a job that one can quit or resign from, relationships are valuable and must be made in alignment with our goals, family traditions, and cultural strengths.

The nicest thing about goals is you can start over again. People who have come through divorce can rally around and have great relationships. It is all about learning more about oneself.

Changes happen and probably the best approach is to stay involved; don’t isolate yourself.  Follow the news, read often, listen to friends and commercials, but in the process stay true to who you are as a person.   Design yourself in a way of being the best version you know how to be.

Enjoy the Summer months as they unfold for you. Get in touch with old friends and make new ones. Live your life with purpose and dignity.

Connect with me at linda@delightinliving.com with ideas.   Thanks and have a Great Day!


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