Being the week before Mother’s Day I began to think of all the things my mother did and gave up for me.   Her time to prepare my clothing, to set an example of how to be in relationship, and of course teaching me to learn the rules of how to be safe.   She was with me most of the time when I was a toddler and in my formative years, because my dad had a late night shift with the United States Post Office in the City of Chicago.   He would sleep mornings, run a few errands for my mom since she did not drive, and he’d be gone for the afternoon and evening.   Mother liked being a homemaker and she took her job seriously.  She was always cooking, cleaning, sewing, and walking with us.

I was also listening to the radio today and heard that the Bible contains 247 references to the Good Shepherd.  That got me thinking about an experience I had in Ireland watching a Shepherd with his sheep.   He was quite the caretaker making sure the animals were sheltered, protected in the fields from prey, and rounding them up after eating and exercise.   The Good Shepherd is of course Our Lord who is vigilant and present for us at every turn.   We go through our day often unaware of His presence just as we are often unaware of the caretakers who have watched over us. 

So when did you begin to care for yourself?   Were you pretty independent by the age of 21?  Are you still in need and appreciative of the shelter from a loved one now?   It is often necessary because of finances, health, or circumstances that we are dependent on others at various times in our lives.   That isn’t all bad because we are encouraged to rely on one another.

Having fun with one another is essential for good health and to keep a smile on our faces. Welcoming one another back into the fold when circumstances change is also essential.   Look around today and reach out to family and friends. 

Like the Good Shepherd and our parents, we are called to pass on what we have learned.  We are expected to spread joy and love.   We need to care for one another and prosper.   Be excited for the advancements people make and encourage them.   Have a good day!  And don’t forget to thank your Mother this weekend.  If possible be with her and give back a hug or two.   You will be Blessed.

Hang on as we go through this week for more on reaching out to others.   “Delight in Living!”


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