Well I thought this morning was no different from any other.   It began with my taking Rosy outside.   We usually go out the back door of the garage and while she is meandering around the yard, I check out the house, particularly after blustery weather.   Today I had trouble opening the door.   It turned out that the sandbox area that is surrounded by railroad ties had flowed into a 6 inch pile behind the door.   Apparently the heavy rains had washed it around the railroad ties, blocking the door.   So I got out the “kids” toy scoops and began to move the hill of sand.   Probably would have been more functional to get a flat shovel and clean it up that way, but I didn’t realize how much sand had shifted; it was substantial.    That line in the sand is where the gutters had overflowed.  So what has overflowed in your life?

We consume ourselves with work to the point of being buried.

It made me think of all the things that pile up for us to do.  The pile of papers that are receipts for Quicken always seem to be just a few, and then voila I have a major chore of putting them into the computer.   Or the laundry seems to be just a few things and suddenly I have two loads.   How does that happen?

Last night I was adding a few requests to my prayer list and I realize that has grown too.   Too many people are sick or hurting.   So “tell me something good” is going to be my mantra this week.   We all need to refocus and eliminate the many piles we have accumulated.   I declare that things are going to improve for all of us in our offices, homes, and cars.   We are going to focus and clean things up.  Why?

Well to begin with we all want to be successful.   We want to succeed with a project or two.  We are driven people who want the best for ourselves and all those we love.   Life is too short to dwell on the negative.   Although admittedly, we do want to still be realistic and acknowledge the pain, grief, and concerns around us.   So let’s embrace this week boldly and in a spirit of cleaning up the things we can take care of and think of something good to share!

Here are a few to kick off the week:

  • Today I overheard a small child of 2  declare to the world that his grandfather was his!  He said,  HE IS MINE!  Too cute and ever so sweet.
  • Then I had a friend text me that she had a new puppy.  It is a source of hope and laughter for her.
  • As people in the south parts of the United States recover from a tornado, the good news is no one was injured.
  • And our family will be united for Mother’s Day in two weeks.  Yes, great fun just to be all together and seeing one other!

Hope your week is filled with wonderful things to share.  Look for the mini miracles; they are around!


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