Well, there is something very unique that goes on in homes where large families reside.   Silliness, chaos, and ongoing catastrophes.   The neat thing is that most of them become humorous if you let them.  Things seem to work out with a touch of humor.  So this morning I was privy to a family story that includes a mom, dad, and 7 children ranging from 24 years down to 13 months.  I think it is really pretty funny and had to share it!

The wife works nights and had a chance to sleep, since she had the night off.   The sweet thought of have a few extra winks was quite the gift.  The husband was “walking around like a nut case” (I am quoting the wife here). Apparently Dad couldn’t find his shoes.  “Like how do your shoes just disappear? It’s 5:20 am. He’s turning on all the lights throughout the house in a mad search for his shoes.”

In the process, he wakes up the 1 year old baby that mom needs to have asleep!   He woke up his wife who was not so happy  to be startled awake on her one free evening .  She is usually very easy going, but is now annoyed as the search for shoes begins.

So let’s recap here.   We have an annoyed daddy in a panic over losing his shoes, a 1 year old baby boy  who is unhappy, and a mommy who is trying to sneak in her 5-6 hour sleep time for the day.  Not the finest hour of the day.   The rest of the family is still asleep including the 16 and 14 year old boys, and the 6 year old little girl. 

Now the Dad begins to  surmise that the only logical explanation is that 14 year old was too lazy to get his own shoes on and wore them ?? Of course, how can that be?  The kid is still asleep, but mom goes into his room to check out the theory and starts looking like a crazy lady in search of Dad’s shoes.  It doesn’t play out. She already knew that was not the case. Now of course, this child is up and asking his mother, “what are you doing!”  She tells him she thought she lost something in there and proceeds on her search.

Now the annoyed daddy leaves with different shoes on his feet. Of course,  Mom is wide awake and still looking.   As she puts it,  she was “searching like a lunatic!”  Still no shoes. 

So now the sweet innocent 6 year old wakes up.  Mom figures it’s worth a try to ask her, but probably won’t get far.  Hey “honey” (actually was using the child’s name, but we will protect this identity) – have you seen daddy’s shoes?

6 year old responds: “yes!”

Mom then asks, “Um….. you have? Where?”

6 year old responds: “I hid them in the Kohl’s bag that you had in the dining room….. “

Mom, “Why???”

6 year old: “I don’t know- just……”

“She said it so calmly!”  Mom is now laughing so hard and runs to check out the bag. Yup, there they are as she stated.  Along with the original contents of the bag.

They should have checked in with the 6 year old who is always the “family informant!”  But, hold on, the scenario has one more punch.  Mom is going to get back at Dad for waking her up.

She calls Dad to tell him “yes, it was the 14 year old who had them!”   He said “I knew it!”   Turns out dad has to eat crow now and fesses up for judging the wrong suspect.  

No blog ends without the questions.   When have you lost something and found it is an unusual place?  (Just found an earring on the shelf of our freezer door, go figure).  When have you had a family episode that turned out funny?   When have you had to put your shoes under lock and key?  (he, he!)

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