Designing Your Life

Today meet Karen Whalen, a professor from Whitewater University who will be joining us not only today, but in future issues too.  Welcome Karen to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. Every day we are doing different things.  We encounter new people and meet up with familiar friends.   We work in business, put gas in the car, and take care of the things pending in our lives.   We are in fact designing our lives.

Are you bound by time?  How does time serve you?   What times in your life have you found definition.  Today we are talking about a few stages in your life.   Designs change by the jobs we have or the places where we have lived.   What shifts are you making now?  Are you working from home, at an office, in a manufacturing company?

Are you feeling appreciated? Have you had to displace plans for one reason or another?  What is your network of security?  Do you have a deep faith or people who support you?

Hope you enjoy this weeks story and Linda’s newest family member!

 Taking the first step forward may put you on the escalator of success!