Mini Miracles presents an Episode on Milestone Moments

What are Milestone Markers?

How do these markers stop and/or help you? Linda talks about a few stories that may help you find insight and awesome moments that identify you. These times allow you to go forward and thrive. Who helps you make milestone moments? When have you been transformed? Has something happened in the last few days that has given you insight?

Fresh Foods

Munch Time

Munch Time is our new section. It will take on a different look each time. Perhaps it will help you to eat better, to find new recipes or food studies, and/or thoughts about what to eat.  Today we talk about seasonings.


Big projects that are broken down into portions that we can handle may lead you to bigger accomplishments. Are you doing something new in your home? Are you trying to accomplish something new at work? We develop systems and strategies to help us get projects done well.
Repeating habits and being consistent are essential to making strides.

Linda gives examples about training dogs, painting the outdoor furniture, praying consistently, exercising regularly, or ways of traveling. She talks about procedures and how you will get to the end well. Let time and processes work for you.

Entering into adulthood

Communicating is taking on a new vision after the pandemic. We are beginning to socialize again and reconnect. It may include doing things together or then just talking. It might include sketching together, taking photos with one another, or engaging in the arts. Not only do words give us a way to communicate, but emotions and doing things together can be a way to express ourselves too.  These feelings can be developed artistically, in playing musical instruments or physically moving.

Linda suggests a few ideas to help you become creative and grow. Maybe it is through volunteering, traveling, writing poetry, or learning something entirely new.

“Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success!”