Being at a loss for what to eat in spite of so grocery stores and restaurants is real. Everywhere we look there are recipes and food.  We are very lucky to have such a variety available, yet we often repeat the same dinner salad or latest sandwich again and again.  There are endless meal plans for a variety of needs, like diabetes, heart disease, and low sodium diets.   Every magazine entices us to read it with articles on what to eat.

Many of us over the age of 40 are all too familiar with the famous DIETS out there.   We have all tried them and often the weight bounces back on or we develop allergies to some of the foods.  We go back to the old staples and return to old habits.   In thinking about this I have come up with a few basic strategies that could help.

Find people who can support you and buddy up for accountability.  We all need it!

Good Health & Fresh Foods

1- Eat in moderation and on a regular schedule.

2- Know what agrees with your body.   Are you lactose intolerant?  Do you break out in a rash from tomatoes or strawberries or something else?

3- Learn how to eat  variety of foods so that nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and fiber naturally work for you.

4- Read labels and clearly understand what you are digesting.

5- Watch what you are drinking.   Carbonated drinks aren’t all created equal; sugars are everywhere.

6- Snacking can be so misleading, because we start putting more in our mouths than we realize.  As a kid, my mom would give us each a small bowl filled with a treat.   When it was gone there was no more.   To this day I find it an excellent way to control overeating.   It is the refills that sabotage us!

7- Don’t replace sensible eating with doing more exercise.   Both exercise and a healthy balance diet work together. 

8- Eating does not have to be restrictive; it can offer a wonderful place in your life.  Here a few sites to check out: › Weight Loss

Take the one step that can put you on the ESCALATOR OF SUCCESS  — in this case, feeling your best!

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