Overcoming fears that you have encountered on the journey can take time and work.   Working with a counselor may be the way to go in resolving them. Fear may arise from  an experience that we have encountered; overcoming the fear is another issue that I’d like to address here.

As a small child, our family often went to Bass Lake, Indiana.   My aunt and uncle had 5 cottages there so our yearly vacation was already planned. My dad who was the jack of all trades would help with repairs and maintenance while my mom would change and air out linens in the cottages for renters.   We had fun in the water catching minnows and swimming.   We’d jump off the pontoons and fish from the rowboats.   On one occasion I was jumping from the wooden pontoon onto a small inflatable raft when I lost my way and went under.   I got caught under the frame of the wooden mass and began to take in water.   Thanks to an observant teenage girl, I was promptly fished out and carried in.   I don’t remember anything except waking up and people talking to me.  My mom was trying to give me peaches to bring up my sugar levels.

It took quite awhile before I was jumping and playing as freely as I had always done due to the fear of going under again.  As a matter of fact, I was an adult of a newborn when I decided I had better take swimming lessons and overcome the fear of water.   It was then that I exercised my own willpower to change the direction of my hesitancy toward water.   A healthy fear of water is good, but avoidance of it, isn’t.

Fear of the unknown can keep one from learning new things.  We may not be able to control all things, but some things can change.   Develop partnerships so you aren’t always alone.   Team up and walk the journey with other people.   Gather your own support group around you that consist of fearless people.  Try new things to prove to yourself that you can overcome obstacles.

When it comes to facing fears, belief in yourself helps.   Ask for help from others who may have insights for you.  Find a place where you can reverse faulty thinking and develop new skills, disciplines, or safeguards.   Fight for freedom to pursue new experiences and reverse thoughts.  Maybe it is time to take back control for yourself.   Live with integrity and the consistency to pursue fun times and take new opportunities.

Take the first step to put yourself on the escalator of success.  You all know by now that it is the seemingly small and insignificant steps that turn into the mini miracles!


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