Loving Life and learning from our past generations can create a beautiful future for you.  Linda talks about her one grandmother who had a profound impact on her life.   Often we do not realize for many years how a person can help form us.   Their likes, beliefs, and stories create vision for us.   We can choose to learn from them and hold the values they believed in grow for us.   We can give insight to those who follow us as well.

Encouraging and yet a catalyst for you, Linda asks you to find the people in your past that helped you become strong and resilient.  It may have come from playing cards on a Sunday afternoon or sitting alongside a creek.  Either way, it is those minor moments that blossom into mini miracles.   These are the times that make us strong and move us up on the escalator of success.

Our past

Honoring former Generations!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  May it be a safe and happy one for you!

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